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Department of Administration Divisions

Division Phone
State Operator 401-222-2000
Accounts and Control Please click on the Accounts and Control link for a directory
Capital Asset Management and Maintenance 401-222-6200
Director’s Office 401-222-2280
Director of Public Affairs 401-222-2280
Office of Diversity, Equity and Opportunity 401-222-6398
Human Resources 401-222-2160
Employee Benefits 401-574-8530
State Employees Workers’ Compensation 401-574-8500
Information Technology 401-574-9220
Library & Information Services 401-574-9300
Legal Services 401-222-8880
Office of Management and Budget 401-574-8430
Budget Office 401-574-8430
Internal Audits 401-574-8430
Purchases 401-574-8100
Statewide Planning 401-222-7901